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SalC1 Resource Pack (Used in all SalC1 videos)


1.11 - 1.12.2 (6.05 MiB)

1.13 - 1.14.4 (6.07 MiB)

1.15 - 1.16.2 (6.26 MiB)


If you are using Minecraft 1.14 or higher, you must put "Programmer Art" below my resource pack. It should look something like this:

How To

SalC1 Anarchy Server

SalC1 Anarchy Server

Main World (241.6 GiB) (.tar.bz2 Torrent)

CoreProtect Database (28.8 GiB) (.tar.bz2 Torrent)

PLAN Database (34.12 MiB) (.7z Direct Download)

Queue World (93.81 MiB) (.7z Direct Download)

2b2t World Downloads

Argonath (18.4 MiB)

Costco (1.97 MiB)

Costco (Ruins) (3.87 MiB)

Original Quality SalC1 Video Renders

I'll get to uploading them at some point. Spam me on Discord until I do.

Yes, it's still happening.

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