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SalC1 Resource Pack

This is the resource pack I use in mostly all of my videos. Its purpose is to recreate the feeling from beta Minecraft with some older textures and sounds along with other various changes. Some notable differences from Programmer Art are: older textures, the old title screen and logo, and old sounds (includes the old hurt sound). Quality of life features include block roatations being disabled and no pumpkin overlay. If you have any suggestions for changes to this resource pack, let me know on Discord or email me.

Download Latest: 1.20.3 - 1.20.4 (6.42 MiB)

Old Versions (1.11-1.20.2)


You must put "Programmer Art" below my resource pack otherwise it won't function correctly! It should look something like this:

How To

2b2t World Downloads

New Argonath - Sep 2 2021 (60.5 MiB)

SalC1's First Base - May 7 2019 (740 KiB)

Argonath (18.4 MiB)

Costco (1.97 MiB)

Costco (Ruins) (3.87 MiB)

Original Quality SalC1 Videos

These are my original rendered videos without YouTube's pesky video compression.

View/Download Videos

SalC1 Anarchy Server

SalC1 Anarchy Server

Main World (241.6 GiB) (.tar.bz2 Torrent)

CoreProtect Database (28.8 GiB) (.tar.bz2 Torrent)

PLAN Database (34.12 MiB) (.7z Direct Download)

Queue World (93.81 MiB) (.7z Direct Download)